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  Better Service: Your students will can prepare better for DMV test by testing their knowledge anytime they want, as many times they want.

More Business: Students will tell their friends and family about the great experience they had.

Interactivity: Adding interactivity to your web site will encourage your students to use your web site. After all, if you have a web site why not use it.

The e-Generation: Majority of Your clients both adult and over 16 use internet on a daily basis. Having tests on you web site will be value added to your service.

EZ to Use: Our forms and tests are VERY EASY to use. You just need internet access and a web browser. Setting up, and updating quizzes is a breeze.

SAVE MONEY: and Lots of It. If you want to develop your own applications it could cost you thousands of dollars and monthly fees that could exceed $50/month. With us you pay low monthly subscription and that's it.
  Unlimited Updates: Update and change questions and answers as many times as you want. Our easy online control panel lets you instantly change questions and answers.

Quiz Settings: You can customize individual quizzes by set test size, appearance, passing grade, and time limit.

Instant Change: All changes are instantly updated. You don't have to call anyone and wait. Just login and make change. You test will reflect the change immediately.
  Low Monthly Subscription: All of our products are on a subscription basis, and the only cost to you is the monthly test subscription.

FREE Same Day Setup: There are no setup and no cancellation fees.
  Step 1: Select Tests and Register for a New Account

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Step 3: Add link to your existing web site or e-mail link to a student

Step 4: Tell your existing and prospective students about it

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