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1 of 50 When is it legal to use studded snow tires?

2 of 50 What does GDL stand for?

3 of 50 The three second plus rule applies to?

4 of 50 A common mistake for a new driver is:

5 of 50 What do you do in the event of an accident?

6 of 50 If you are under 18 years of age, your driving privileges will be suspended if convicted of:

7 of 50 What are the penalties for driving with a suspended license?

8 of 50 Warning signs are what color?

9 of 50 You can pass a school bus at 10mph when its red lights are flashing only if:

10 of 50 Who can ride in the car with you as passengers when you have a student permit or probational driver's license?

11 of 50 When should you use your horn?

12 of 50 What does the term "tailgating" mean?

13 of 50 If you're 21 or older, how long must you practice driving with a learner's permit before you can go for a road test?

14 of 50 What should you do if you see a bicyclist on the roadway?

15 of 50 How close may you park from a stop sign?

16 of 50 A 5 ounce glass of wine contains the same amount of alcohol as ...

17 of 50 In order for a driver to get a probational license, they must:

18 of 50 An eight sided sign is:

19 of 50 The good host law states:

20 of 50 A special GDL permit allows you to drive:

21 of 50 When driving in reverse, you should?

22 of 50 Persons under 21 years of age (the legal drinking age) are considered under the influence of alcohol (DUI) when their BAC is

23 of 50 Hydroplaning can cause:

24 of 50 What is the speed limit in a school zone,residential area and business zone if not posted otherwise?

25 of 50 How often does MVC allow you to take a defensive driving course that may reduce the points on your drivers record?

26 of 50 Up to 3 points may be subtracted from your record if you receive no moving violations for how long?

27 of 50 If a student permit driver commits a traffic offense, the responsibility lies with:

28 of 50 If you want to park uphill with a curb on your right, you should turn your wheels to the:

29 of 50 The deceleration lane is for:

30 of 50 Define BAC

31 of 50 Stopping distance depends on:

32 of 50 How many points will you get if you drive on private property to avoid a traffic signal;

33 of 50 If you change your name legally, (marriage, divorce,etc) how long do you have to notify the MVC?

34 of 50 What lights should you use when driving in the fog?

35 of 50 What is an uncontrolled intersection?

36 of 50 You must report a lost, damaged or stolen license within:

37 of 50 Does New Jersey issue a work license to people who have lost their driving privleges?

38 of 50 When parking downhill, the front wheel should be turned which way?

39 of 50 When must you signal before making a turn?

40 of 50 You can get a ticket for which of the following:

41 of 50 If a GDL driver commits any GDL conditions other than a moving violation, they will receive a fine of

42 of 50 The color of a bicycle warning sign could be:

43 of 50 If you drive without an insurance card in your car, the penalty is:

44 of 50 What do you do when nearing an uncontrolled intersection?

45 of 50 A probationary license lasts for:

46 of 50 When you move into NJ with a license from another state, you must apply for an examination permit within:

47 of 50 Does New Jersey issue a work license to people who have lost their driving privleges?

48 of 50 DUI means:

49 of 50 Points are only used for:

50 of 50 How long is a GDL special learners permit good for?