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1 of 50 What kind of insurance is required on a vehicle in the State Of New Jersey?

2 of 50 When should you use your horn?

3 of 50 The three second plus rule applies to?

4 of 50 You must report a lost, damaged or stolen license within:

5 of 50 During what times can you NOT operate a vehicle under a Special GDL learner's permit:

6 of 50 Persons under 21 years of age (the legal drinking age) are considered under the influence of alcohol (DUI) when their BAC is

7 of 50 What do you do in the event of an accident?

8 of 50 Define BAC

9 of 50 A special GDL permit allows you to drive:

10 of 50 Does New Jersey issue a work license to people who have lost their driving privleges?

11 of 50 To obtain a Special learner's permit you must:

12 of 50 If you want to park uphill with a curb on your right, you should turn your wheels to the:

13 of 50 What does GDL stand for?

14 of 50 What lights should you use when driving in the fog?

15 of 50 You can pass a school bus at 10mph when its red lights are flashing only if:

16 of 50 What is an uncontrolled intersection?

17 of 50 A new vehicle does not get inspected for

18 of 50 As a general rule, if two cars enter an uncontrolled intersection at the same time:

19 of 50 When a driver holds their left arm straight out the window, it means he will:

20 of 50 A 5 ounce glass of wine contains the same amount of alcohol as ...

21 of 50 When you move into NJ with a license from another state, you must apply for an examination permit within:

22 of 50 The implied consent law is:

23 of 50 What is the speed limit in a school zone?

24 of 50 When turning left onto a 4 lane road from a 2 lane road, it is best to turn into:

25 of 50 How close may you park from a corner?

26 of 50 A high BAC can only be lowered by:

27 of 50 What are the penalties for driving with a suspended license?

28 of 50 When are moving violation fines doubled?

29 of 50 The good host law states:

30 of 50 You have to notify MVC of a name change within:

31 of 50 When parking downhill, the front wheel should be turned which way?

32 of 50 If you are under 18 years of age, your driving privileges will be suspended if convicted of:

33 of 50 Where should you position the car to make a left turn from a two-way street?

34 of 50 If you approach a flashing red light you should:

35 of 50 What is the speed limit in a school zone,residential area and business zone if not posted otherwise?

36 of 50 How many sides are there to a yield sign?

37 of 50 What is the penalty for not telling the truth when applying for a license or registration?

38 of 50 You can get a ticket for which of the following:

39 of 50 When are right turns allowed at a red light:

40 of 50 When is the road surface most slippery during a rainstorm?

41 of 50 A basic driver's license is awarded to someone who is at least:

42 of 50 What is a habitual offender?

43 of 50 The colors of a stop light from top to bottom are:

44 of 50 If you drive without an insurance card in your car, the penalty is:

45 of 50 A probationary license lasts for:

46 of 50 Who can ride in the car with you as passengers when you have a student permit or probational driver's license?

47 of 50 When do you use your high beams?

48 of 50 If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident resulting in injuries while your driving privleges are suspended, what are you subject to?

49 of 50 An orange triangle sign with a red border means:

50 of 50 If you fail your road test, what is the minimum time you must wait to re-take the test?