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Permit Practice Test
1 of 100 The implied consent law is:

2 of 100 What is the color used to alert motorists that they must share the road with bicyclists and pedestrians?

3 of 100 What kind of insurance is required in the State Of New Jersey?

4 of 100 If you lose your license for points or take a MVC driver improvement program,you are on probation for how long?

5 of 100 What do you do when nearing an uncontrolled (no lights or signs)intersection?

6 of 100 What is the speed limit in a school zone,residential area and business zone if not posted otherwise?

7 of 100 If you are under age,your driving privileges will be suspended if convicted of

8 of 100 When driving on open country roads you should look for;

9 of 100 If you get 6 points or more in three years, you will pay a fine of $150 and how more for each point after 6?

10 of 100 How often must your car be inspected?